The New Mixtape Is OTW & Packed Full of Heat Like This! Much Respect 2 The Greats That We Pay Homage To With This New Project! Thank You All 4 Supporting A Real 1! - Johnny

CHECK OUT "MD SWAG" Dripping Old Bay!!!

#MDSWAG Unofficial Maryland State Hip Hop Anthem

Johnny "Bring Tha" Bass hits home with #classicmusic to represent his home state with the production of MD SWAG. #MDSWAG is a 3 song single featuring the hit songs "MD SWAG", "DEMONS", and "SUMMERTIME." Listen now on Soundcloud or stream on your favorite service! 


The #WAKE UP E.P is scheduled for release on Feb. 7th 2020! Save it to your playlist today!

Johnny "Bring Tha" Bass

Johnny "Bring Tha" Bass & FX BEATS = The Wake UP:

Where's Johnny? Here he is! The only one that you will wanna hear from or about after feeling the passion and living the experience brought on by his music! This young artist has found a way to combine his unique voice with any song in a strong melodic form. He has catalog of music in the vault!